About Me

Hi I’m Zoe,

I have been a fully qualified Holistic & Beauty Therapist since 2003 and have many years experience working within the industry. I have worked in two salons, a spa and also on a self employed basis.

For a while, I continued my therapies on a part time basis, alongside working as a Support Worker for young adults with learning disabilities, then as a Health Care Support Worker within the NHS.

I am a kind and empathic person and love the wonderful world of Holistic Therapy. I take a lot of pride in my treatments and will always go the extra mile to provide friendly, professional & high quality treatments at an affordable rate.

In all my therapies I always invite the angels and beings of the white light in. I believe this beautiful energy is a true blessing which provides us both with support, healing and sometimes guidance.

I am a fully registered & insured member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists and undertake continued professional development yearly, to enhance and perfect my skills.

I am now lucky enough, to work from my tranquil therapy studio in peaceful Branston. Here, I can take the time and care that is required to provide you with the best quality treatments that I possibly can.

Going a little deeper…

I have so much empathy for anyone who is suffering especially with their mental health.

I have personally battled mental health conditions most of my life struggling with OCD, anxiety and depression. But it was later when I had my little boy and had postnatal depression that my mental health took a dramatic downturn and life became pretty unbearable.

I have been on a spiritual journey all my life, but this is when things really began to accelerate.

Firstly, I started mindfulness and began to meditate and reiki myself daily. This was the only peace I got in my stress fuelled world.

After a while the angels started to visit me! It was a gradual process but I began to get insights and see spirit animals who were helping to guide me on my journey.

I started to ask questions and they would shed light on the situation and bring me so much love and peace.

I cant tell you how much the angels and beings of white light have helped to bring me peace, love, support & guidance and for this reason I always invite them into my treatments. I believe this beautiful energy is a true blessing.

As you can imagine I feel very blessed to have such beautiful guidance and it brings me so much comfort and support to know they are there.

These days I feel the best in myself that I ever have and have much more self awareness and peace. My fears are much more under control, but I am far from perfect! I am still learning all the time!

However, it is my greatest wish to be able to help others on their journey with the combination of beautiful holistic therapies and divine guidance.

I truly hope I get the chance to meet you on your journey.

Love & light

Zoe x

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